a man handed each of● us a wedge of bread, de deuxieme qualité, ●from several bushel baskets of s▓imilar wedges, and we passed s▓ilently on into an adjoining room.The two r?/p>

re each garnished wi▓th a jar of water, which, as we ate▓ our bread, passed from hand t▓o hand.On the walls hung copies of the rules▓ governing the Bouchée de Pain, a▓nd in

stood officials who strove to enforce them to ●the letter.The important ones we▓re as follows: “1.No talking▓ is allowed in the Bouchée de Pain. “2▓.The bread must

not carried away. “3.Anyone b▓ringing other food into the Bouchée ●de Pain to eat with his bread will be ▓summarily ejected. “4.B▓read will be served daily at ten a